Forevermore's Summer Dance Theatre Camp

The Gift

About the production:

An innovative and fantastical production using large scale puppetry, physical theatre, and dance to tell the beautiful story of a magical journey to discover our greatest gifts come from within. The Gift will feature mystical creatures who dance, mime, delight and surprise. Campers will take a daily dance class, explore specialty workshops with guest teaching artists in puppetry, drumming, acrobatic arts, and physical theatre, as well as crafting, and rehearsing to present a fully staged and creative piece of theatre. There are many featured roles and opportunities in this unique production.

The Gift- Synopsis

Our story opens on the night before the King’s birthday. While getting ready for bed, his six daughters bring out the gifts they have gotten him. However, Andrea has forgotten to get her father something and decides that her gift will be a lovely dance which she performs for her Sisters, who laugh at the idea of such a simple gift. 

Distraught, Andrea runs to her room to cry. There, she is visited by The Fireflies, whom she follows out her window. 

Outside, Andrea is caught in a Storm that transports her to a magical world of snow and ice. She is greeted by The Snowflakes who announce her to the Ice Princesses. Unimpressed, the Ice Princesses freeze Andrea and leave her as a statue of ice. 

As day approaches, the Sunbeams cast their light upon the frozen girl. With the help of The Mystical Bird they warm Andrea and free her from her frozen form. 

Andrea follows the bird into an Enchanted Forest being careful to avoid the wicked Troll named Gremmel and his horde of Goblins who have captured the Magic Flower. They enter a clearing and find a Garden filled with beautiful flowers. 

They come upon the Storyteller reading to the Forest Children, who welcome the strangers with great joy, as it has been prophesied that a young girl flying on a mystical bird would come and save them from the wicked Troll. 

Just then they hear Gremmel and the Goblins approaching. Andrea and the Storyteller try to distract Gremmel by throwing teddy bears at him. However, the bears become a light snack for the troll instead. The Forest Children scatter. From their hiding places they all watch as the Goblins and Troll continue to torment the Magic Flower. She is dying and will not live much longer unless she is freed. 

The Storyteller devises a plan to free the Magic Flower. The Forest Children battle against the Goblins while the Mystical Bird and the Storyteller distract the Troll. Andrea sees one of the bird’s feathers on the ground and comes up with a brilliant plan. 

Andrea charges the Troll with the feather and starts tickling him. The Troll laughs himself to death and the Enchanted Bears burst forth from his belly. The Magic Flower is freed and the Goblins turn back into Forest Children. 

Everyone comes to celebrate the defeat of the wicked troll and thank Andrea for bringing peace back into their world. The Magic Flower gives Andrea an enchanted rose as a thank you for saving her. 

At dawn Andrea arrives back home. She falls asleep on the sofa, but is not asleep long before her sisters awaken her. Andrea relates her story to them but they want proof. But before she can reveal the enchanted rose, which she intends to give to her father for his birthday, the King enters. 

The daughters present their gifts one at a time. When Andrea retrieves the rose from under her pillow she finds that the flower has fallen to pieces. She is distraught. The King picks her up and she knows that the only gift he needs is her love.


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Dance Theatre Camp Info

Auditions: July 12 6:00-7:30 Everyone gets a part!
Camp Dates: July 17 - Aug 6 from 9am - 4pm at Forevermore
Tech. & Dress Rehearsals: Aug. 3 - 4 from 9am - 4pm at the Theater
2 Saturday Performances: Aug. 5 at 2pm and 5pm

Tuition: $575

$250 nonrefundable deposit due at time of registration. Remaining balance is due on the first day of camp.

This year, Forevermore Dance & Theatre Arts will be offering a Dance Theatre Day Camp for children ages 8-18.  The Gift will mark Forevermore's 8th Annual Summer Production! Students attend camp at Forevermore Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm for 2 1/2 weeks where they rehearse a production, take classes, and create crafts.  The camp culminates after 2 additional days of camp on stage at the theater and 2 FULLY STAGED performances with costumes, sets, and all the magic of performing in a REAL Theatre!

Throughout the day your children will rehearse the scenes and dances for the show, practice and learn the staging, play theatre games, and create fun crafts based specifically on a curriculum developed for our camp- all crafts relate directly to the themes, characters, and positive lessons expressed in the show they are rehearsing.  Our camp provides an invaluable experience that builds confidence and self esteem, develops creativity, and teaches valuable lessons in teamwork, responsibility, and discipline.  

A Casting Audition will be held on Wednesday July 12.  Everyone interested in participating in camp should consider coming to this audition for a chance to help the directors decide which parts will be best for each student.  Casting is based on talent, experience, and attitude - we work very hard to make sure every student shines and is featured in the most appropriate manner possible.


What's Included:

  • All production/costume fees

  • Daily classes

  • Craft activities and materials

  • Pizza party

Campers Will Need:

  • Daily sack lunch, snack and beverage.

  • Folder and 2 sharpened pencils.

  • Comfortable clothing or dance clothes to move in.

  • Dance Shoes

  • *(DVD's, T-shirts, and Tickets Sold Separately)

Audition Info

July 12 6:00-7:30

(please plan to arrive 10 mins. early to fill out your audition form and be ready to start on time.)

At the Auditions, the Directors will be looking for:

  • Confidence
  • Personality and stage presence
  • Acting with emotion and story telling
  • How quickly you learn and how much you remember the choreography

Students will learn a short dance combos from the show and perform them in small groups.

Students may also participate in group movement improv exercises to see how they can use acting and their imaginations while moving.

Before & After Care

Before and after care available July 17 - Aug. 2 at Forevermore.

Morning Before Care

Drop Off between 7:00 - 8:30am

$8 per morning with registration before July 17
or $10 per morning* 

Afternoon Care

Pick Up between 4:15 - 6:00pm

$8 per afternoon with registration before July 17
or $10 per afternoon* 

*Before & After Care Subject to Enrollment.  
Please Schedule and Pay at least 24hrs in Advance to ensure availability.  
Before and After Care is not available for days we rehearse at the Theatre: Aug. 3 - 4